Mattress Removal and Disposal

While we offer various junk removal services at Rocklin Junk Pick Up in Rocklin, CA, one of our most essential services is mattress removal and disposal.

We can remove mattresses from homes, hotels, motels, ins, and bed & breakfasts. We provide this service in Rocklin as well as surrounding areas.

A mattress is something that must be handled professionally. You can’t just throw it outside and wait. You need to call a junk removal company so they can dispose of it in an eco-friendly and safe way.

Mattresses are large and can be very difficult to move on your own. And please, do not leave them outside on the curb or in front of a trash bin for your local trash company to pick up. In most situations they will not pick these items up.

If your mattress is still in decent condition, we will take it to a local charity where they can give it to a family in need. If the mattress is no longer in good condition, we will remove it and have it disposed of in the proper manner.

If you intend on having your mattress donated to charity, you will need to contact the charity before scheduling a pick up.  Some charities do not accept mattress donations. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure they do before we will come and remove it.

If no charity in your area is accepting discarded mattresses, you can simply request we take it to the nearest recycling center. There they will be able to repurpose it for other uses.

Once these arrangements have been made, you can then contact us to schedule a pick up. We will then come to your location, remove the mattress, and deliver it to its destination.

When you call we will provide you with a free, all inclusive price quote. The quote will include the price for pickup and delivery.

Please know that we will always dispose of your mattress in a responsible manner.

If your mattress has been infested with something like bed bugs, please let us know this when you call to schedule a pickup. These types of situations must be handled in the proper way. Please attach a note to the mattress that says “contains bed bugs”.

This will alert everyone so they know to handle the mattress the right way. If the mattress isn’t properly handled it can lead to the bed bugs spreading.

Call Rocklin Junk Pickup to schedule a professional Rocklin CA mattress removal today! In some cases we may be able to offer same day service. 

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